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Digital Equity Resources Survey

New York State requires that we collect surveys regarding Digital Equity Resources annually. Students in grades K-6 will receive a paper survey for their parents/guardians to fill out and return to their homeroom teachers. Parents of students in grades 7-12 can log into PowerSchool and complete the survey there. Parents who have more than one child need to fill out a survey for each child in their household, per New York State. The information obtained in these surveys will help with funding for our school and will also help the state figure out where they need to concentrate their increased broad band access efforts. 

A help document will be sent home with the paper surveys for all students in grades K-6 and will be available on our website for the 7-12 grade students. If you are the parent of a student in 7-12 grade and do not have PowerSchool access, please contact Elaine Parker via email at [email protected] or by phone at 607-263-6116 and she can assist you in getting it. You may obtain a paper survey by contacting her as well, if you wish.

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