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  • PSAT and SAT Vocabulary
    Here's an easy way to study and learn over 1000 words frequently found on the PSAT and SAT exams. Each page includes 40 words, broken into four sets of ten. Each set offers bi-directional flashcard play -- guess the definition when presented a word, or a word when given a definition -- and matching. Do a page a day, and you'll have them all in less than a month!
  • - the largest and most trusted free online dictionary. Instantly look up accurate and extensive definitions and word meanings. Word of the Day is a great feature!
  • Graphing Calculator 
    This free on-line graphing calculator is available to you 24hrs / 7days a week. This free online graphic calculator requires no subscription, no downloading, no soft-ware, and has no advertising. When you click on the link, a new window opens. If the calculator doesn't load right away close the new window and click on the link again. Once the window is open you may resize it or maximize it to fit your screen.

  • Visuwords
    Look up words in the Visuwords online graphical dictionary and thesaurus to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.

  • Word Sift
    Paste your text into the box. Press 'Sift' to visualize.