Sophomore Year Time-line

~Sophomore Year Time-line~

     Plan for the Year Ahead

* Find out what resources are available to help you plan for college.
* Talk to your counselor to find information about colleges, careers and scholarship planning. Review catalogs and computerized college-search programs.
* Update plans for courses you'll take your junior and senior year.
* Take a career interest inventory to help connect you with possible careers that may interest you. Use this to find out what jobs may be best for you and how to get into the career you've always wanted!
* Get involved! Participate in extracurricular activities and investigate new activities - add them to the list you *hopefully* started your freshman year.

     Learn About Colleges

* Learn about college costs and how financial aid works.
* Use the college savings calculator to see how much money you'll need for college, whether you're on track to save enough and what you need to do to reach your goal. Talk to your family about college financing.
* Visit colleges while they're in session.
* Find out about college first-hand from friends who are home for the holidays.

     Make the Most of Your Summer
* Plan to visit colleges over the summer. There are many college catalogs and publications to help you plan your visits. You can also contact the colleges online to make an appointment for your visit.
* Consider an interesting summer job, travel or other learning experience.

**Memorize your social security number! You'll need it to take tests and apply for college, financial aid and jobs.**